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Screen Fabric

The latest projection screen materials can make a significant difference to any film or presentation.

When choosing fabric consideration has to be given to viewing angles and potential usage (i.e. audience type). Below we have endeavoured to give indications as to suitability of the projection screen to the environment.

All DRH fabrics are strengthened and there are no unsupported PVC products. Unsupported PVC is inexpensive but will tend to deform and is far less resilient over time.

Matt White - projection screen fabric

Standard material suited to multipurpose applications where the emphasis is on functionality. The reflective ratio is 1 (what your projector emits, you get back in the reflective image) and the field of view is excellent through 90 degrees either side of screen centre (See graph).

Matt white fabric is hard wearing, resilient to everyday knocks and contains preservatives to resist against more extreme environments such as high humidity.

A suitable reception surface for both LCD and DLP projectors.

Technical specifications:

  • Fabric: 100% fibreglass laminated with PVC
  • Thread count: 10 / cm2
  • Fire retardancy: Conforms to U.S Federal test method 191
  • Instron Breaking Strength: Warp 100 Filling 140

Matt White

Projection Screen fabric material


Rear (and front) projection material

This product was originally intended solely for rear projection. Its prime purpose was in larger presentation environments, as opposed to home cinema where space is often at a premium. The obvious advantage is that the projection beam cannot be interrupted.

However, some of the more recent projectors are capable of placing within close ranges of the surface and we have found this fabric is also good for front projected images. Our non-scientific tests, it has to be said, threw up a good image and the grey of the material resulted in darker colours demonstrating more contrast. Similarly, the lighter images were slightly darker although this depends upon the external light conditions and power of the projector. There are no borders available on this fabric although the grey acts as a natural border.

Viewing angles are 180 degrees as with the Matt White (see above). The fabric has been sold to the trade for a good many years now, and it durable credentials are proven.

High Gain Projection Screen fabric

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